Catalogue essays and publishing:

Features and Reviews:

Blast Theory, You Start It, catalogue essay. Published by Nam June Paik Art Center, Korea, 2018
Susan Hiller - Lost and Found
, Documenta 14 catalogue essay, published by Prestel, Germany, 2017
A Geography of Storage
, catalogue essay for the exhibition, What I Thought I Saw, Saw Me, Bronwen Buckeridge in collaboration with Robin Klassnik, Gdańska Galeria Miejska (GGM), Gdansk, Poland 2016
catalogue essay, Matt's Gallery, London 2016
Vordemberge-Gildewart Foundation Award, exhibition catalogue essay, Annely Juda Fine Art, London 2016

Derek Kreckler: accident and process, Published by Perimeter Editions, Melbourne Australia, 2015
If It Was a Going Concern, Catalogue essay for Adelaide Int
ernational 2014
On Motorbikes (Between worlds), catalogue essay for Shaun Gladwell's exhibition, Cycles of Radical Will, pub. De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, England 2013
Eye in the Sky, catalogue essay for Suzanne Treister's exhibition, 'In The Name Of Art', Annely Juda Fine Art, London 2013
Tardis, Triumph and returns, essay for catalogue published by Anne and Gordon Samstag Museum of Art, South Australia 2012
Disappear First,
essay in Gone to Croatan, catalogue for exhibition at
Center of Contemporary Art (CoCA), Torun, Poland and HMKV Dortmund, Germany. Edited by Inke Arns, Daniel Muzyczuk, Robert Rumas, HMKV. Revolver Publishing by VVV, Berlin 2012
From Here to Eternity
, Susan Hiller catalogue essay, Kunsthalle Nürnberg, Germany
Mike Nelson-To The Memory of HP Lovecraft,Catalogue text for Singapore Biennale, 2011
Robert Macpherson, Catalogue text for Singapore Biennale, 2011
Mike Nelson - 24 Orwell Street, in Ruins, ed. Brian Dillon, Whitechapel/MIT Press, 2011
Susan Hiller, Ceramic Works, Susan Hiller catalogue essay, Tate Britain, London 2011
catalogue essay, pub. Raven Row, London 2010
Against Kipple -
catalogue essay
for More is More, Center of Contemporary Art (CoCA), Torun, Poland 2010
Bridget Smith: Nobody Else Even Knows, catalogue essay, Peer, London 2010
Roy Harper Biography Roy Harper Website 2010
A Silence of Beuys -essay in Beuys is Here, pub. De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, England 2009

UNDERCOVER AGENCIES - essay for BLAST THEORY catalogue, Biennale of Venice 2009
A Number of Disappearances Mark Wallinger catalogue essay, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Switzerland 2008
Only Connect Suzanne Treister catalogue essay , Annely Juda Fine Art, 2008
Traceur, Layla Curtis catalogue essay, Chelsea space, London2008
Door Window Draw Catalogue essay for exhibition of works by Anna Barriball at Galleri Bo Bjerggaard, Copenhagen, Denmark

Lindsay Seers, SMART Papers, SMART Project Space, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Scary Movie Contemporary Art Centre SA, Australia, Catalogue
This Will Not Happen Without You: (Basement to Locus 1979 to 2007). University of Sunderland Press 2007
Waiting for the Gift of Sound and Vision Essay published in HEXEN 2039, Suzanne Treister, Black Dog Publishing 2006
In a A Secret Service Hayward Gallery Catalogue, 2006
Mike Nelson: Between a formula and a code. Contributors Peter Eleey, Richard Grayson, Ralph Rugoff and Rob Tufnell. Turner Contemporary. Koenig Books ISBN 3-86560-039-5
Doubtiful: dans les plies du reel University of Rennes, Catalogue 2004
Qualified Survivors:A curriculum for artists, ed Paul Bonaventura and Steven Farthing. Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art Oxford University 2004
Ideal States James Angus - Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin 2003 catalogue essay
Grasshopper Worlds 2002 Biennale of Sydney catalogue essay
Mike Nelson - The Deliverance and the Patience for Venice Biennale, Peer Trust project & published in Critical Quarterly (UK) Volume 43 No 4 Winter 2001
Bronia Iwanczak and Suzanne Treister - No More Ice Cream Artspace Sydney 2001
TV Moore - Urban Soldier Man Artspace Sydney 2000
Performance Photo Archive - Perverse CAC Adelaide 2000
Landing 3 - Doctorin' the TARDIS CAC Adelaide 2000
Franz Ehmann - Almost There Artspace Sydney 2000
Annette Bezor. monograph. Wakefield Press/Govt SA.
Steve Reinke - 100 Videos Pier Trust London 2000
Rick Martin - Navigator CAC Adelaide 1999
Simryn Gill OVA/Ikon Gallery Birmingham 1999
Simryn Gill - Self Seeds Museum of Contemporary Art National Gallery, Finland 1998
Introductory essay and various artists essays, Ideal Work. EAF. 1998
Susan Hiller - Ideal Work EAF 1998
Susan Hiller Museum of ContemporaryArt Oslo Norway 1998
Susan Hiller Adelaide Festival 1998
Susan Hiller - Wild Talents/From the Freud Museum Experimental Art Foundation 1998
Anne Ooms - Adelaide Biennale - All this and Heaven Too Art Gallery of South Australia 1998
Leith Elder EAF 1998
Aldo Iacobelli - Tiles Tomas March Gallery Madrid 1997
Robert Macpherson ABC Radio National 1997
Yuko Shiraishi - Focus EAF 1997
Various Artists - Lawyers Guns and Money EAF 1997
Pat Naldi/Wendy Kirkup - Search, Crosswinds. EAF/Adelaide Festival 1996
600,000 Hours II 'Death, where is thy thing?' EAF 1995
Aldo Iacobelli - New work. Greenaway Gallery/ARCO 1995
Suzanne Treister, Heaven in a Box, Catalogue essay Mizuma Art Gallery Tokyo 1995
600,000 Hours I 'Since Valentino died' EAF 1994
Various Artists - Weird Science" EAF/Australia Centre Manilla 1994
Suzanne Treister - We're not in Kansas any more Toto..." CAC Adelaide/ACCA Melbourne 1994
VNS Matrix - All New Gen. EAF 1993
Joyce Hinterding - Siphon EAF 1993
Craige Andre - Long Journey Home CAC Adelaide 1993
Alan Cruickshank - Mien. University SA publications 1993
Bronwyn Platten - Possible Clouds. EAF. 1993
Various Artists - The Forum in Buda. Interrupted Dialogue EAF/Soros 1992
Aldo Iacobelli - Souvenirs EAF 1992

Nigel Greenwood Inc Ltd: running a Picture Gallery, CHELSEA space, London, Art Monthly 398, July-Aug 2016
Talkin’ ’bout their g-g-g-generation Richard Grayson on the ends of post-internet art, Art Monthly 389, September 2015
An Internet of Things: Post Internet Art
, Broadsheet, Vol 44.1, 2015
New models of knowledge, uncharted areas and hidden narratives: Adelaide International back to the future? Or arrival of the present?, Broadsheet 42.2, Published by CACSA Australia, June 2013
Susan Hiller at Tate Britain and Timothy Taylor Gallery, London, Art Monthly 345: April 2011
An other Australia, Broadsheet, Vol 38.3, 2009

Well here we are...the end of Planet Finance
Broadsheet Vol. 38.1, 2009 and Art Monthly (UK) Issue 327, June 2009
Neither are what they seem, Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art
, Barbican Art Gallery, London. Broadsheet Vol . No . CACSA, 2008 and Be Magazine, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
Skull World
Broadsheet Vol 36 No 3 2007
Mark Wallinger, State Britain Art Monthly March 2007
...dontstopdontstopdontstopdontstop, Hans Ulrich Obrist Art Monthly
March 2007
Richard Wilson, Barbican Curve Art Monthly No 302 December 2006
Useful Idiots The Frieze Art Fair and China Power Station 1 Broadsheet 2006
Thankyou For the Music Art Monthly No 299 Sept 2006
Boycott the Archive: Jeremy Dellar. Broadsheet vol 34 no 3 2005
Letter From Berlin Art Monthly No 276 Aug 2004
Duffrey's Ipod: the Turner prize Broadsheet vol 34 no 3 2004
Grey Squares, White Stripes works by Mark Wallinger and Olafur Eliasson Broadsheet Vol 33 No 1 2004
Face Up, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin 2003 Broadsheet Vol 32 No 4 2003
Primavera Broadsheet vol 29 no 4 Dec 2000, Jan & Feb 2001
Oscar's Painting (and how we came to fear the protein pill) Broadsheet vol 29 no 4 Dec 2000, Jan & Feb 2001
Scott Redford - Starman Eyeline June 2000
Nostalgia, Nation & Gobstuff Artlink Nov 1999
Asia Pacific Triennial RealTime special edition 1999
New New technologies- Who's afraid of the prosthetic? Artlink Aug 1999
Still Life still lives Artlink vol
17 no 3
Juan Davila Artlink vol 14 no 3
More Light: New work by Craige Andre Artlink vol 14 no 1
Delayed Voyage: New work by George Popperwell Artlink vol 13 no 1
Clunky thingness: Craige Andrae Broadsheet vol 22 1 '93
Where do we go from here? Broadsheet vol 22 4 '93
Quotations: New Performance Broadsheet (Australia) vol 20 1 '91
Sites in relation to themselves, New photowork from Australia and New Zealand Artlink vol 12 no 2
Terrible sublime:the work of Lindy Lee Artlink vol 11 no 4
Maleness: work by Rick Martin and David Kerr Artlink vol 11 no 4
Breaking the toy Artlink vol 10 no 4
What is not: misreading the East, new Russian art Artlink vol 10 no 4
New Art Systems and the terminal garden: ArtLink vol 9 no 4
Gender and gesture: a sign of the times ArtLink vol 9 no 3
The elusive sign: British experimental film ArtLink vol 9 no 3
Hello, My name's Richard... ArtLink vol 9 no 1
Changing Spaces:Interview with M Snelling ArtLink vol 8 no 4
Boop,Robots and Quay: computer animation ArtLink vol 8 no 3
Adelaide Festival:driving me backwards ArtLink vol8 no 1
The wacky quest at the party- performance at ARX ArtLink vol 7 no 4
Some degree of convergence: statement of work ArtLink vol 4 no 6
Banners and the death of optimism ArtLink (Australia) vol 4 no 6




Ideal Work, published by the Experimental Art Foundation (EAF), Adelaide, Australia, 1998
600,000 Hours 11., published by the Experimental Art Foundation (EAF), Adelaide, Australia,1995
600,000 Hours 1.,published by the Experimental Art Foundation (EAF), Adelaide, Australia,1994
Interrupted Dialogue, EAF/Soros Foundation, 1992