Artistic Director, 2002 Biennale of Sydney (The World May Be) Fantastic

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The 2002 Biennale of Sydney (The World May Be) Fantastic looked at the ways we use narratives to understand the world around us and how in turn these narratives construct their own worlds: it focussed on "artists and practices using fictions, narratives, invented methodologies, hypotheses, subjective belief systems, modellings, fakes and experiments as a means to make works", and explored the ways these might allow new constructions of ideas of the 'alternative' in a period that has seen the erosion of the foundation myths of the transformative avant-garde following the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the increasing hegemony of Global Capital.

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Grasshopper Worlds'

Artists: Vito Acconci, US Kim Adams, CA; Eija-Liisa Ahtila, FI; James Angus, AU; Eleanor Antin, US; Vasco Araujo, PT; Atelier van Lieshout, NL; Gilles Barbier, VU; Blast Theory, UK; Glenn Brown, UK; Chris Burden, US; Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller, CA; Patrick Corillon, BE; Dexter Dalwood, UK; Henry Darger, US; Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani, DE; Simryn Gill, SG; Rodney Graham, CA; Veli Grano, FI; David Haines, AU; Peter Hill, AU; Susan Hiller, UK; Joyce Hinterding, AU; Katarzyna Jozefowicz, PL; Emma Kay, UK; Paul Etienne Lincoln, UK; Robert MacPherson, AU; Aleksandra Mir, PL; Mike Nelson, UK; Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba, JP; Olaf Nicolai, DE; Paul Noble, UK; Panamarenko, BE; Michael Parekowhai, NZ; Philippe Parreno, DZ; Simon Patterson, UK; Joao Penalva, PT; Patricia Piccinini, SL; Pope Alice, AU; Kathy Prendergast, IE; Miguel Angel Rios, AG; Matthew Ritchie, UK; Salon de Fleurus, SL; Jim Shaw, US; Ann-Sofi Sidén, SE; Darren Siwes, AU; Yutaka Sone, JP; Michael Stevenson, NZ; Do-Ho Suh, KR; Vibeke Tandberg, NO; Suzanne Treister, UK; Shirley Tse, CN; Jeffrey Vallance, US; Harry J. Wedge, AU; Cang Xin, CN; MiwaYanagi, JP.

Advisory panel: Susan Hiller (artist), Ralph Rugoff (cultural theorist and curator) and Janos Sugar (artist and writer)

2002 Biennale of Sydney Catalogue
Paperback: 264 pages
ISBN-10: 0958040303
ISBN-13: 978-0958040303


Wed 15 May - Sun 14 July 2002

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), Artspace, Object Galleries & City Exhibition Space at Customs House, Sydney Opera House and 24 Orwell St, Sydney.