Scary Movie


Exhibition travelling to Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia and Perth Institute of Contemporary Art

L-R: Mark Wallinger, 'Sleeper' 2004 (DVD still); Anna Barriball, 'Draw (Fireplace)' 2005 (DVD still); Mark Boulos 'The Gates of Damascus' 2005-6 (DVD still); Erik Bünger, 'Gospels' 2006 (DVD still).

Scary Movie features four recent video works by UK and Europe based artists. Each work makes references to different applications for film or video technology, to their ensuing languages and forms - from surveillance and scientific documentation to the 'home-video', 'the documentary' and finally 'the drama'.

"Scary Movie presents the work of four artists using the moving image. Their use of video technology references some of the dominant forms that film and video have adapted. Anna Barribal's Draw touches on ideas of the moving image as 'proof' - an uninflected document of effect. Mark Boulos's Gates of Damascus is a complex and professional narrative documentary. Eric Bunger uses talking heads from mainstream pop culture programs and Mark Wallinger's Sleeper conflates security video footage with reality programmes such as the world's funniest animals."
(excerpt from catalogue essay)

The works in Scary Movie allude to ideas of the 'fantastic' and the 'uncanny' and explore the media of film and video as repositories and carriers of these in contemporary culture.

Catalogue essay: 'Scary Movie'

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22 February 2007 - 1 April 2007: Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, part of 2007 Adelaide Film Festival

14 August 2008 - 28 September 2008: Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Australia