Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, South Australia
Programs and Projects curated 1992-1998


Ideal Work (publication project: writers and artists )

Artists from Australia and overseas were asked to describe the artwork that they would make were they operating in an ideal situation without physical and material constraints. These artworks have been published as a document with a written commentary on each work by a writer familiar with the artist's practice.

Artists: Linda Sproul, Jan Nelson, Susan Hiller Stephen Bush, Rosslyn Piggott, Mike Parr, Simryn Gill, Rebecca Cummins, Steve Wigg, Simone Mangos, Joyce Hinterding.

Writers: Joan Kerr and Jo Holder, David Cross,Richard Grayson, Kevin Murray, Louise Haselton, David Bromfield, Sharmani Pereira, Ellen Zweig, Mark Jackson, Harald Fricke, Anne Finegan.

Title Ideal Work Author (curator) Richard Grayson/EAF Publication date 1999 Number of pages 112 pages Images 44pp (colour & b&w) Binding soft Size 210mm x 297mm ISBN 0 949836 37 0


Lawyers Guns and Money
(artists and the law)

Exhibition and publication: with Linda Marie Walker
Mike Stevenson, Laurens Tan, Patricia Picinni, Rebecca Cummins, Destiny Deacon, Scott Redford, Sally Mannal, Aleks Danko, Harry J. Wedge, John Reid, Andrew Petrusevics.
press release - catalogue essay
The Stretcher Case (work from painting)
Guila -
Susan Norrie
The Stretcher Case
Sleeper - Eugene Carchesio
The Stretcher case
Focus - Yuko Shiraishi
The Stretcher case
North Star - Anton Hart
Out of Adelaide - Simon Cardwell, Lynne Barwick, Aldo Iacobelli, Sarah Lindner, Shane Carn, David O'Hallorhan, Thom Corcoran, Bronwyn Platten, Joy Hardman, Sonja Pocaro, Louise Haselton, Josie Starrs, Larissa Hjorth, John Tonkin, Shaun Kirby, Victoria Straub, Trinh Vu.
Cross Winds/Search (installation, surveillance and broadcast project)
Pat Naldi and Wendy Kirkup
Stills from the Liquid Plane - John Barbour
Litteraria was a project where two artists, Robert MacPherson and Simryn Gill, were invited to make work for the South Australian Museum and were given access to the collections of the Museum. Robert MacPherson's project at the Museum focused on the Toas in the collection. Simryn Gill used objects from the collections drawn from the area between the north-western coast of Australia to the south-western tip of Peninsular Malaysia, and the islands in between.
Short Sharp Shock 3
Larissa Hjorth and Phillip Hopkins
  Sterilizer - Anne Graham
  Elective Phisiognomies - John Tonkin
  Imprimateur - Cecelia Cmielewski
  Path of the Accident - Bronia Iwanczak
  Anti-net - Andrew Osbourne
  I say a flower - Michael Graf
  Performance - Michele Luke
  Here Behaviour - Shelley Lasica
  Walk About Airborne - Andrea Sunders Plassman

Songs of Neptune - Filomena Renzi

Weird Science (Adelaide and Manila)
Josie Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, Lynne Sanderson, Marion Marrison, Suzanne Treister (Manila only)

  Anatomies - Kevin Todd
  Carsick - Nola Farnham

Post-Code - Patrick Pound
  The Sound of the Box - David O Hallorhan
  Voyage of Discovery - Trinh Vu
  Retrospective - Pam Harris

600,000 Hours (mortality) (co-curated with LM Walker)
Adam Cullen, Nikki Savvas, The Campfire Group, Dominico De Clario, Hiram To, Bronia Iwanczak, Lindy Lee, Colin Duncan.

600,000 Hours Conference (co-curated with LMW Walker and Dr. Peter Bishop)
Prof Dr Elisabeth Bronfen,Thomas Sokowlowski Dr Griselda Pollock, William Yang, Dr Colin Pardoe, Dr Gary Krug, Jyanni Steffensen, Dr Jane Goodall, Campfire Group, Felicity Fenner and Anne Loxley, Leon Marvell, Dr Anna Gibbs.

600,000 Hours Publications
Title 600,000 Hours (mortality) Author (ed) Linda Marie Walker Edition & publication date 1994 Number of pages 52 pages Binding soft Size 210mm x 297mm ISBN 0 949836 31 1 Main subject Considers various views and aspects of mortality in the late twentieth century
Title 1,799 of 600,000 Hours (mortality) Subtitle Papers and Documentation Author (ed) Linda Marie Walker Edition & publication date 1995 Number of pages 118 pages Binding soft Size 210mm x 297mm ISBN 0 949836 32 X Main subject Papers from conference and images from season of exhibitions re mortality

Assay - Chris Ulbrik

  Dreams of Linnaeus - Charles Watkins
  A Certain Level of Denial - Karen Finlay
  Violin Music in the age of Shopping - John Rose
  100 Breaths 100 Songs - Mike Parr
  Various Small Fires Thom Corcoran, Jenni Robertson, Steve Wigg, Louise Haselton, Hossein Valanamesh, Lisa E Young
  Possible Clouds - Bronwyn Platten and Cecelia Clarke
  Object A- Susan Fereday
  Faraway - Geoff Weary
  Mien - Alan Cruickshank
  Polysections - Adam Boyd
  Untitled - Joyce Hinterding
  RushWaltz - Ceallaigh Norman
  Love(ly) Things - Adam Geczy and Greg Healy
  Wrapped in Plastic - Shane Carn
  Untitled - Mehmet Adil
  Work in Progress - Tony Kastanos
  Fresh Blood - Lynne Barwick
  Ooze - Simone Hockley
  MFP - Andrew Petrusevics
  Hiring - Jonny Dady
  All New Gen - VNS Matrix
  The High Cost of Living - Derek Kreckler
  Interrupted Dialogue Revisions Contemporary Hungarian Art (co-curated with Suzy Meszoly/ Soros Foundation Budapest)
Zoltan Adam, Rosa El-Hassan, Peter Kiss, Istvan Regos, Janos Sugar, Janos Szirtes, Attila Szuchs, Zsolt Veress, Laszlo Laszlo Revesz, Zoltan Bonta, Gabor Farkas, Marta Feher, Aron Gerbor, Agnes Hegedus,Erika Pasztor.

Karaoke - Hiram To

  ca sucks - Jyanni Steffensen
  Souvenirs - Aldo Iacobelli
  Loot/Poona - Simryn Gill
  Exquisite Mechanism of Shivers - Bill Seaman
  Performance - Henri Chopin
  Where was I? - Wigg and Watt
  Projected Light - The Cantrills