Worlds in Collision, Adelaide International 2014

28 February - 30 March 2014

'Adelaide International 2014 features artists who suggest new ways of modelling and imagining the world, who map the edges of what is known, and who investigate the potentials of what might lie beyond. Worlds in Collision looks at technological, political, psychological and psychedelic exploration, and the ways artists imagine alternatives to arrive at new understandings of potential and transformation. Time travel, digital frontiers, abandoned Star Wars sets, near-death experiences, new physics and second moons herald the foundations of this diverse and extraordinary selection of artists and artworks, shown across four sites.'

Artists: Artists: Benedict Drew (UK) Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige (LEB/FRA) Susan Hiller (UK) Paul Laffoley (US) Rä di Martino (ITA) Katie Paterson (UK) Fred Tomaselli (US) Artur Zmijewski (POL)

Australian Experimental Art Foundation:
Fred Tomaselli (US)
Artur Zmijewski (POL)

Contemporary Art Centre of SA:
Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige (LEB/FRA)

Anne and Gordon Samstag Museum of Art:
Susan Hiller (UK)
Paul Laffoley (US)
Rä di Martino (ITA)
Katie Paterson (UK)

SASA Gallery:
Benedict Drew (UK)

Benedict Drew, The Persuaders, 2012. Installation view at CIRCA Projects, Newcastle.
Courtesy the artist and Matt's Gallery, London.

Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, A Carpet, 2012, 3 x 280 x 140cm
Courtesy In-Situ Gallery Fabienne Leclerc and the artists

Susan Hiller, Channels, 2013. Installation photograph by Peter White
Courtesy the artist, Timothy Taylor Gallery and Matt's Gallery, London

Paul Laffoley, The Zodiac Wheel 1967, oil, acrylic and vinyl lettering on canvas, 126 x 126cm
Courtesy the artist and Kent Fine Art, NY

Rä di Martino, No More Stars, 2010, 33°59'42 N 7°51'00, E chott el-gharsa, Tunisia

Katie Paterson, Second Moon, 2013, Lunar meteorite, box, photo ©MJC, Courtesy the artist

Fred Tomaselli, Untitled, 2013, Mixed media and resin on wood panel, 60 x 60 inches

Artur Zmijewski, Democracies exhibition views, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, 2012
ourtesy the artist, Foksal Gallery Foundation, Warsaw and Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich

Worlds in Collision

Exhibition catalogue
Essays by Richard Grayson, Lars
Larsen and Erik Davis.
Designed by Fraser Muggeridge Studio
ISBN: 978-0-646-91471-8
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Artists' Week - Talks Programme

Co-convened by Lars Bang Larsen and Richard Grayson

Associate Rayleen Forester

Artists' Week 2014 looks at visions of enlightenment, ways of imagining alternatives, art politics and subcultures, and considerations of technological and psychedelic thinking in a dynamic three-day forum. Speakers from across Australia and the globe, including guests from the Festival's visual arts program, will present and converse on a multitude of subjects variously related to three main themes.

As part of the Adelaide Festival's Artists Week 2014, Lars Bang Larsen (DEN) will curate the Radical Enlightenment symposium. For Lars Bang Larsen (DEN) and Yann Chateigné (SUI), the Radical Enlightenment we never had includes aesthetic and scientific experiments, countercultural movements, and entire modernities that have been disqualified as esoteric. After beginning the project at Geneva University, the two have staged exhibitions and seminars, most recently at the Palais De Tokyo in Paris. From mystical experiences and hermetic philosophies through to wayward cybernetics, network theories, electronic music, trans-humanism and futurology, this Adelaide symposium of talks and presentations will invoke the spirit of a Radical Enlightenment by gauging exchanges between art, science and counter-culture.

Presenters include: Lars Bang Larsen (DEN) Marco Pasi (ITA/NED) Erik Davis (USA) Colin Rhodes (AUS) Julie Stephens (AUS) Rä di Martino (ITA) Susan Hiller (UK) William Yang (AUS) Guy Mannes-Abbott (UK) Suzanne Treister (UK) David Haines & Joyce Hinterding (AUS) Julie Henderson (AUS) James Luna (USA) Tess Allas (AUS) Gordon Hookey (AUS) Troy-Anthony Baylis (AUS) Lynette Wallworth (AUS) Glenn Barkley (AUS) Anthony White (AUS) Charlotte Day (AUS) Benedict Drew (UK) Khalil Joreige (LEB/FRA) Cat Hope (AUS) Ilan Volkov (ISR) Marco Fusinato (AUS)

Day 1

Keynote: Erik Davis, Object-Oriented Animism

Panel - Space is the Place: Khalil Joreige

Panel - Space is the Place: Rä di Martino

Panel - Space is the Place: Richard Grayson talking about Paul Laffoley

Panel - Into the Void : David Haines and Joyce Hinterding

Presentation - Imagining an Underground (An overview of Australian conceptualism and countercultural movements during the 1970s): Glenn Barkley

Presentation - Coming Out: William Yang

Day 2: Radical Enlightenment

Introduction by Lars Bang Larsen

Marco Pasi, Disturbing inspiration An inquiry into radical spirits and their creative work

Marco Pasi, Disturbing inspiration An inquiry into radical spirits and their creative work

Susan Hiller in conversation with Lars Bang Larsen and Marco Pasi

Suzanne Treister, Networks in Reverse with introduction by Lars Bang Larsen

Day 3

Panel - Distortion, Reverb and Noise: Benedict Drew

Panel - Distortion, Reverb and Noise: Marco Fusinato

Panel - Turn, Turn, Turn: Tess Allas

Panel - Turn, Turn, Turn: James Luna

Concluding lecture by Lars Bang Larsen

Wrap up by Richard Grayson - Adelaide Festival logo with crystal projections by Ramona Altschu